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METAFACTORY, born from 2WATCH with the help of other partners and professionals, will deal with the strategic design, construction and development of interactive processes linked to the presence of brands and companies in the various blockchain and non-blockchain based metaverses – such as Fortnite, Roblox or The Sandbox and Decentraland.

Our team’s unique combination of blockchain, gaming and DeFi expertise creates an unfair advantage when it comes to generating value for our partners.

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Our partners

Our partners

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Your guide into the Metaverses

It will not be a parallel world, but a fluid experience of a hybrid environment, in which the boundaries between physical and virtual reality will be almost non-existent. A development in line with the digital revolution already underway which sees the integration of the online and offline dimension of our life and work experiences.

Our Factory can guide you in creating tailor-made solutions to enter the metaverse and get the best experiences

  • Metaverse & In-game strategy

    Creation of customized maps, in-game advertising, custom experiences for users within the main videgames, these are just some of the opportunities offered by the game-based Metaverses

  • NFTs Drops

    Creation of tailor-made NFTs and Drops in target marketplace.

  • Brand Avatar

    Branding is changing, with the opening of the Metaverses brands will have to adopt human features to interact with their customers: Virtual idol, a custom-made digital avatar, is the answer

  • WEB 3.0 Community launch

    Launch of supportive and engaged communities to drive the adoption of new technologies and products

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